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Dolo’s love and obsession began with her mother’s traditional and authentic crepe recipes. Crepes were a staple in her childhood home, much like bread. Whenever her mother prepared authentic crepes, Dolo would watch with apt attention as she poured the batter onto the hot skillet and swirled the skillet to form the perfect circle. Each crepe was carefully crafted and filled with various fillings and toppings. From hazelnut to berries and prosciutto to cheese, these crepes created “Sweet, buttery, tender memories.”

“My mother’s passion and love for food inspired me to sharpen my skills and experiences and to share those magic and simple joys.”~ Dolo 

For Dolo, the wondrous scents of authentic crepes are ones that amplifies happy, simpler times and take her back to her childhood.  It wasn’t just a treat but rather a meal.

“Good Food is very often, even most often, simple food.” ~  Anthony Bourdain

Dolo’s work experience in the restaurant and service industries gave her the inspiration to share, extend and offer a taste of European adventure and flair. Her many travels to Europe gave her motivation to create a delectable culinary experience.

“Hand turned authentic crepes are hard to resist. They just take you away. The love for crepes has shaped my experiences with friends,  family and culture. It’s an adventure just like every bite.” ~ Dolo 

With the convenience of at-home delivery and pickup, gourmet food options can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home without sacrificing quality or consistency. We’re confident you’ll love them!

European Authentic Crepes
Authentic Crepes Burlington
Authentic Crepes

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